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The MeteVision Song Contest, often shortened MSC, or MeteVision, is a song contest on Wikia created by José Gabriel Ramos at September 2017 and is inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest. The current and official ASC executive supervisor is José Gabriel Ramos. The contest was created for European countries inside the Mediterranean Broadcasting Area as full members. The winner chooses the host city of the next edition. Each member country submits a song to be performed and then casts votes for the other countries songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. HolaJosega soy Merce avísame si encuentras este mensaje 22/07/2019. Adiós, teamooo. Editar

The first edition was held in Piraeus, Greece, and it was organized by NERIT. The edition took between September 10th 2017 and November 05th 2017. 17 countries participated there and the first contest was won by Morocco. Editar

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